• There are no secrets to purchasing and serving top quality beef. We don’t mislead about what quality level steaks we serve and we don’t let purveyors short change us when we buy our meat. We select USDA Prime for some of our steaks and Top Choice for others. Prime is very expensive to buy, but you can be sure we are not going to tell you we serve USDA Prime unless it is USDA Prime. In fact, if you see a low price at a restaurant that says they serve prime beef, caveat emptor.

• Our steaks are aged at least 28 days and cut to specific standards at our Chicago supplier. You’ll never get a 2-inch tail or ½-inch fat cap at Chophouse ’47. When we say we serve a 16 oz. steak, we don’t mean 14 oz. of meat and 2 oz. of fat.

• We have a particular cooking technique for broiling steaks that produces just the right amount of carmelization to optimize flavor. To do this you must have the 1700° broilers and we use Southbend™ – the best. We also only serve relatively thick steaks so they can be properly cooked. No skinny strips or ½-inch Porterhouses at Chophouse ’47.

• Our bread is authentic French loaves made for us by a small New Orleans baker. We receive them in par-baked form where we can finish them on the premise and serve them hot to your table right out of the oven. And don’t worry about the crumbs on the tablecloth – it’s accepted and expected.

• Coffee is also from New Orleans with a hint of chicory. Our supplier is a tiny producer that primarily sells to New Orleans restaurants. The decaf is particularly unique and tastes like real coffee.

• Our extensive wine list has been selected by our owners who have many years experience in the wine business. We want to provide the opportunity to try many different wine regions of the world at moderate prices and to do so we don’t take the traditional restaurant wine markup. We believe the chance to drink good wine at a reasonable price should be the norm at a real steakhouse.

• All lobsters are live from Maine, not frozen tails. Our shrimp cocktails are the giant U-15’s or larger which have a tremendous price premium versus the smaller ones. Oysters are from government inspected waters only.

• Our restaurant environment has been carefully pre-engineered for comfort. Booths are designed to very exact dimensions for comfort. We further use strategic placement of acoustic panels and multiple music volume controls to produce a sound level that is not too loud or too soft.

• We believe professional service is a paramount consideration for a top quality dining experience. Each server in the restaurant is available and trained to help with each table’s needs. You’ll never hear “That’s not my table” or be greeted with “Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m going to be your server tonight”. That just isn’t the way it’s done at Chophouse ’47.

• We also bring your food at a pace we believe is comfortable, not too slow or too fast. If you wish to speed up or slow down, let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate you. We are here for your enjoyment and will strive to graciously serve you as you wish.

• We operate Chophouse ’47 to please our guests – not our staff, our owners or our accountants. Should you encounter any unpleasantness, please ask for one of our Managers or our Operating Partner.

We seriously appreciate your choosing to dine with us tonight and we hope Chophouse ’47 exceeds your expectations in every respect.

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